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Got Data? We have Answers

MindBuilder AI continues to help businesses around the world leverage their data with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. If your business has data we understand the potential for growth in productivity and innovation. No Data? We can help, too. 

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Our Services

MindBuilder AI offers services for nearly every use case of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

Our Services

AI Model Development

MindBuilder AI is up to date with all cutting edge methods in Machine Learning and can build custom models with nearly any type of data for a quick turnaround

AI Investment Due Diligence

AI and Machine Learning have become flashy terms in the Private Equity and Venture capital space. MindBuilder AI can perform audits of any AI investment to determine the legitimacy and potential.

AI Application Development

Software applications today are more intelligent than ever. MindBuilder AI can bring your business into the future by handling each step from data collection to model training to software development

Intelligence Strategy Consulting

Don't have a strategy to keep up with innovations in AI and Automation? MindBuilder AI can help develop a strategy to leverage data to become an innovator in your industry


Have an Idea to leverage Artificial Intelligence in a new space? MindBuilder AI can turn your idea into a reality with a strong Research consulting effort to develop new methods for breakthroughs in your industry.

AI Understanding

Innovations in AI and Machine Learning can move quickly. We can help keep your executives and engineers up to date.

Some of Our Work

AI Cell Segmentation


Developed Machine Learning Models to segment cells  in images for health and oncology use

Want to Learn More?

Contact us with your project, ideas, and questions for a free consultation to learn more. We love to help businesses of alls sizes make their way into the the future of technology with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science and look forward to connecting!

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