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c/o Ian Rowan w/ MBAI 



ArtIfex is a creative experience that bridges the gap between Human Creativity and Artificial Intelligence to curate the greatest collectible art experience. Please enjoy your stay as you cross a new frontier into a world of art creation that allows you to be the creator just as much as the collector.  

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The Art you are seeing below was created seconds ago by Artificial Intelligence, curated by humans. You are and always will be the only first witness to this piece and the creator who may bring it into this world...

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Note: These pieces are un-filtered output from A.I. Many pieces may be meaningless to the human eye. Buried within are many that may have meaning, leaving the human creative process to pull them out. 

Tip: When you create new art, this piece will be gone forever if not saved to your gallery!


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Current Season: Beta
Premise: Abstract
Artists Words: "Abstract art won't tell you it's meaning, each viewer plays a creating role defining their own meaning" 

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Tip: Check out our curated Gallery from our Instagram community. Note, all gallery images available for purchase


Our most exclusive option and one of the most unique opportunities to add a 1 of 1 piece to your art collection. You will be the first person to have ever seen this piece and the only to ever purchase it on canvas. Truly the most unique and collectible art piece in the world, as it is created not just specifically for you but by you. Your opportunity to own some of the first publicly available art by A.I.

*1 of 1s are limited per season to the counter below


Package Include:

  • 24" x 24" Ink on Canvas of Selected Piece

  • Signed by Founder and Artist on back frame, processed through Artifex's studio

  • Individually number based on current season

  • Full-rights source file transfer

1 of 1 24 x 24 Canvas


Copy on 24 x 24 Canvas

This option will provides you with a High Definition canvas piece of your own selected and generated artwork. 

You will receive your piece fulfilled from our canvas suppliers, the design may become available for others to purchase.

A great option to add a unique piece of art generated by A,I, curated by you, to your space of choice.


Package includes:

  • 24" x 24" canvas with generated piece

  • Watermarked image file 

8 x 8 Photo Print


Our most budget friendly option to bring this creation by A.I. and you into the world.

Your selected piece will be printed on premium photo paper and hand signed on the back. Includes 1/2 inch white border for styled look and easy framing. Ships for free in just a few days!




Package includes:

  • 8" x 8" print on premium photo paper with 1/2 inch white border

  • Fast, Free shipping + turnaround

  • Watermarked image file 

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New Arrivals

Creation Process

Creative Process


The Process starts as Founder and Creative Director, Ian Rowan, compiles mass amounts of virtual images of past artwork in a given genre. The human creative process of this occurs as he combs through 1000s of images; only keeping art which he aims to influence the A.I to match. The product of this process is a human influenced set of great art works of the past for the A.I. to learn to match the style of, just as many great artists do. 

The current A.I is trained on over 18,000 past art pieces...


After years of experimentation Ian, in partnership his other venture, MindBuilder AI, have developed a "deep learning" based Generative Machine Learning Model. In essence, this allows a computer to see millions of images and get better at matching their style each round. After days of training on some of world's most powerful computers under careful watch of Ian, the model is saved and ready to create new works whenever it is asked.  



The trained model generates an entirely new image on each run given the infinitely random input it takes. This can yield 1000s of new art pieces in just 10 minutes. What happens next is a wonderful collaboration between human and machine to use the human eye to see beauty in the output, and filter out the pieces that they think should be brought into this world. Of these 1000 images only some may make the cut, and we humans are the only ones who can discern this inherent meaning. Altogether, the A.I becomes yet another tool, another medium for us to create.


ArtIfex Seasons


Artifex releases new A.I. models with new styles we have curated 4 times per year. This can include different color palettes, genres, and even subjects. During a given season, we will release a limited number of 1 of 1 Pieces before selling out for the next season. This creates a true collectible piece of art. Altogether, the creations of our customers in a given seasons curates a unique collection in partnership with our A.I curated for each season. 

Founders Season 


of 500

Our inaugural Summer 2020 season is kicking off as we start fulfilling orders for friends and family. This one time only "Founders Season" will offer customers the opportunity to add a 1-of-1, A.I created piece, to their collection in the highest availability and lowest price we will ever offer. This season will run through October 2020 or until we are out of stock. To start creating your very own piece click here


Computer to Canvas


When we Receive your order we perform a final touch up to make sure it is perfect before hitting the canvas. After we feel everything has been done to perfect your piece we send instructions to our canvas suppliers.


When our suppliers receive the artwork we confirm a proof to ensure quality has carried over. The suppliers then use state of the art canvas transfer to put your art on a gallery wrapped canvas.

*please note suppliers may take up to 10 days to complete


For 1-of-1s only: Your piece is picked up by us and brought into the studio. It is checked for quality and hand signed and numbered on the rear frame. You are provided with a certificate of authenticity and special contact info  


Your piece is delivered to your door via our shipping or 3rd party, based upon options selected. You may now answer the question's you may receive such as: "What is this?" with "One of the first publicly available art pieces created by AI and myself!


Our Curated Gallery


If you're interested in making one of these yours on canvas, feel free to send us a chat for more details!

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